Meet Andrew

Wood has been a part of my life forever. Growing up at a fishing lodge working with wooden fishing boats, building a wooden canoe for family canoe trips, heating our home or putting out fires as part of the local volunteer fire department, wood is part of who I am.

Wood provides me with a medium to express himself and to expose others to the beauty found within each piece. Using Cape Breton wood as the starting point, I shape each piece to take advantage of the natural features to create a unique, one of a kind, piece of art. I take inspiration from the natural elements of Cape Breton, (wind, water and forests) to guide me as I create functional art.

I want my pieces to reflect a simpler, handmade approach to help people slow down and enjoy what the piece has to offer. My creations have a natural wood finish to show off the true wood color and beautiful grains. Some have natural worm tracks, cracks, knots, bark and other features that have occurred while was growing.

Each piece is a handmade, one-of-a-kind creation, using Cape Breton wood, shaped and finished on our farm, using natural finishes. Recreating a piece is not possible, I can try to approach a past piece, however the uniqueness of each piece of wood means I cannot produce a copy. This facet is what makes the art I create so wonderful for me, the artist, and for others to explore.